Wednesday, June 1, 2011

7 Atlanta Learning-Industry Events You Shouldn't Miss - June 2011

Who says the summer is slow? June is a packed month for Atlanta-area learning industry professionals thanks to TAG and ASTD Atlanta; here are seven events (two of them webinars) that look especially strong. Hope to see you at some, if not all, of these.

Making Change Happen When You Aren’t In Charge (or Even When You Are)

June 7

Change management is such a vital part of any learning initiative. Fred Jewell of Jabian Consulting will lead this Technology Association of Georgia webinar on practical ideas to influence stakeholders one-on-one. We're promised an assortment of easy to use ideas to immediately apply with key stakeholders at work, in the community and at home.

Register for this TAG webinar.

Special Delivery: Leadership & Career Development at UPS

June 7

Gary Steck of UPS will share with the ASTD Atlanta Career Development SIG why Business Week recognized UPS as one of the 50 Best Places to Launch a Career and discuss its innovative approach to leadership and career development for the over 400,000 UPS employees worldwide. It's a packed house already, so register early.

Register for ASTD Atlanta Career Development.

A Case Study: A Roadmap to Building an Online Client Portal

June 15

Mike Kler of Northridge Systems will discuss the successful implementation of a centralized SharePoint portal serving more than 7,500 individuals. The portal serves as a centralized customer channel communications platform for the client among other things and also allows users to create and print on-demand product brochures to give to the end consumer and access to order history, invoice and shipping information. This is one of the first meetings of the reformed Technology Association of Georgia Content Management Society and should be an informative time.

Register for TAG Content Management Society.

Enabling Sales Managers

June 16

ASTD Atlanta's Sales Performance Improvement SIG hasn't had a bad meeting yet. In this session, veteran sales leaders Carlos Quintero of Sales Effectiveness Inc. and Adam Shapiro of Sales Reform School will share their experience and best practices for enabling sales managers.

Register for ASTD Atlanta Sales Performance Improvement.

Aligning Learning with Cultural Transformation at SunTrust

June 20

Mary Slaughter, Chief Learning Officer for SunTrust Banks, will speak to this month's ASTD Atlanta Chapter meeting. She was recently featured on the cover of CLO Magazine and has a long list of business transformation credentials. ASTD doesn't have a session description posted yet, but do they even need one?

Register for ASTD Atlanta.

How Will User-Generated Content Affect Your Learning Program?

June 23

TAG's Workplace Learning Society again provides a very relevant topic for today's environment. In this session, they'll discuss the role of User-Generated Content in corporate learning, best tools for implementing it, and the impact on learner attention and retention.

Register for TAG Workplace Learning.

Mobile Learning: Myths & Misconceptions

June 27

The surging Athens/NE ASTD Atlanta GIG presents a webinar by Robert Gadd, president of Onpoint Digital. He will show how to harness mobile technology to increase learning, including highlighting changes in instructional design, tools that do and don't work for mobile learning, and illustrative case studies.

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Stay tuned for good events coming up in July, including an ISPI Atlanta chapter meeting on decision science and also our second try at an informal eLearning discussion coffee in the Atlanta area.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

6 Atlanta Learning-Industry Events You Shouldn't Miss - May 2011

The Atlanta area learning industry associations are busy this month; here are five of the events that look especially strong. Plus, for those of us not going to ASTD ICE this year, we're starting a new gathering -- an eLearning discussion over coffee. Hope to see you there.

Do you Evaluate and Measure?

May 9

This ASTD Atlanta Corporate Training SIG meeting is a follow-up to March's Best Practices to Align Training with Strategic Goals panel discussion. The focus this time will be on evaluation instruments and strategies in the corporate training environment. Evaluation and measurement have been hot topics in the Atlanta events lately for both ASTD and ISPI; we're all trying to get it right.

Click here to register for the Corporate Training SIG.

No More Slackers!!! - Building a Culture of Accountability within Teams

May 10

The ASTD Atlanta Organizational Development SIG will look at effective techniques for preventing slackers from dragging down the productivity of the whole team. This is always important, maybe more so these days where so many organizations are trying to do more with fewer resources. Dana Brownlee of Professionalism Matters intends to provide tips that attendees can put into place immediately.

Click here to register for the Organizational Development SIG.

Best Practices for eLearning Simulations

May 17

The Home Depot's Mike Law and Chris Rogers will overview authoring tools for simulations at this ASTD Atlanta Technology-Based Learning SIG meeting. They will also discuss best practices needed to truly create high-end simulations that increase the competency of learners. I've worked with Chris in the past and am really looking forward to this one.

Click here to register for the Technology-Based Learning SIG.

Predictive Evaluation - Ensuring Training Delivers Business and Organizational Results

May 18

The learning evaluation topics keep coming, which is a good thing. Dave Basarab, a seasoned expert in training evaluation and learning transfer with roles at such places as Motorala, Ingersoll Rand, and Pitney Bowes, will use a case study from a Fortune 100 company to demonstrate his own Predictive Evaluation Model. Attendees of this ISPI Atlanta chapter meeting will learn how to predict the value of training and conduct their own predictive evaluations, such as intention evaluation, adoption evaluation, and impact evaluation.

Click here for more information and to register for ISPI Atlanta.

SharePoint 2010: Get It Right The First Time

May 24

SharePoint is now widely used for online knowledge bases and support systems. But implementation can sometimes be messy and adoption difficult. Ron Jones of Computer Technology Solutions will present a webinar to the Technology Assocation of Georgia defining a roadmap to avoid common pitfalls and instead implement SharePoint 2010 the right way in order to gain the best long-term efficiency for your organization.

Click here to register for this TAG webinar.

eLearning Discussion and Coffee

May 24

Several local practitioners (that are missing this year's international ASTD conference) are meeting at 4:30pm at the La Madeleine’s by Perimeter Mall to informally discuss eLearning tactics over coffee. Those are two of my favorite things. That same night the ASTD Atlanta INC SIG is holding an event on e-newsletters right around the corner, so many of us will go from the coffee to that.

The intent of this coffee meetup will be to hold an attendee-driven discussion around a certain theme. We have a poll going on the ILS Facebook page for the topic,, or you can put a comment here. Topics currently under consideration are Learning Analytics, Is rapid design really rapid?, and instructional design tips.

The idea for this came from the frequent coffee meetups David Anderson, Brent Schlenker, and other eLearning professionals seem to do in Phoenix. Why should they have all the fun?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Does Mobile Learning Mean to You?

By: Clay Duda

When Robert Gadd, President at OnPoint Digital Inc., kicked-off the discussion at Technology Association of Georgia’s recent workshop “What Does Mobile Learning Mean to You?” he offered a few words of caution:

“Learning mobile is like drinking from a fire hose,” he said – pointing out the fact he had about 70 slides and less than a minute to spend on each. “There’s going to be a lot of information.”

Now here’s my warning: you’re about to get the short form of the “fire hose” version. Brace yourself.

The gathering was one in a year-long series hosted by TAG’s Workplace Learning Society (WLS) to examine the past, present practices, and future of learning.

Mobile learning continues to be a hot topic for a number of reasons: 
1) Its current state is one of “rapid change.”
2) It's a technology shift in training that doesn’t require much encouragement.
3) It's pretty dang cost effective.
4) It has the potential to re-shape business relationships with customer without changing how business is done.

“This is certainly an exciting time for mobile learning,” said Jason Cohen, Sr. Account Executive at Element K. “Over the past six months we’ve been seeing a lot of adoption.”

By 2014 millennials will account for 30 percent of the workforce – and millennials expect mobile training, Cohen said. By his own prediction mobile learning will become an accepted industry practice within the next few years.

What’s more, by the end of the year (2011), 51 percent of the general population will have a smartphone and many will have more than one device.

“Everybody will have one of these devices in the near future,” Gadd said.

There are still some technical drawbacks when it comes to implementing mobile learning strategies across a diverse set of mobile operating systems and carriers. Namely, apps must be programed for a specific operating system and screen size, taking time. Cloud computing technologies are still 24-36 months away from being “everything you want it to be for mobile learning” Gadd said, but even then still requires a carrier signal or Wi-Fi connection to access (unlike apps which are stored locally).

But Gadd was also quick to point out that multi-device communication was indeed the way of the future. Soon (hopefully) you’ll be able to share files – and training courses – from your BlackBerry to your iPad without skipping a beat.

Deborah Thomas of SillyMonkey presented on how to use text messaging to add interactivity within a classroom environment.

One of the most eye-opening presentations was Margaret Martin’s, CEO of Merlin Mobility Corporation, demonstration with augmented reality and it’s potential to reshape the customer experience (literally) from the ground up.

While it’s a little difficult to explain in detail without demonstrating the technology, the big picture looks at improving a user's experience by accessing the world through a device. Can you imagine in-store directions to find the product you picked out online? How about a real-time 3D rendering of a product on your mobile device? Or scanning a part or instruction booklet during the assembly process for a 3D illustration of how it fits together?

Believe it.

Augmented reality may very well reshape general concepts of business and convenience, but it doesn’t mean businesses have to restructure to take advantage of the new technology. Rather, the augmented reality technology relies on various tactics already being used in business – barcodes, illustrations, instruction booklets, etc. – as a trigger for the software.

Whew. I'm out of breath.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 Atlanta Learning-Industry Events You Shouldn't Miss - April 2011

Wow, this post is late this month. But there are still five great options for learning professionals in the Atlanta area. Here are are a few events you shouldn't miss this month (or at least should strongly consider). Hope to see you there.

Measuring Informal Learning at Equifax

April 19

Measurement and informal learning are both hot trending topics. During this ASTD Atlanta Chapter meeting, Alan Brewer of Equifax and Rick Graves of KnowledgeAdvisors will seek to define informal learning and then discuss when (and hopefully some 'how') it should be measured.

I really enjoyed ISPI Atlanta's event on Informal Learning Measurement last month. That was led by KnowledgeAdvisor's John Maddox. We might see some of the same themes here.

Register for the ASTD Atlanta Chapter meeting.

Using Interactive Workshops/Games to Improve Sales Training (from DrawSuccess)

April 20

During this ASTD Atlanta Sales Performance Improvement SIG event, Brownell Landrum of DrawSuccess will lead participants through an interactive process that will help us come up with ideas for improving our own sales training effectiveness. I've never heard Brownell speak, but have heard good things. Plus, the Sales Performance Improvement SIG has quickly become one of my favorites.

Register for the Sales Performance Improvement SIG.

Going Undercover & How It Adds to Corporate Strategy and HR Excellence

April 21

I love the CBS show Undercover Boss. And this SHRM Atlanta chapter meeting will feature two Atlanta CEOs who were on the program, Coby Brooks of Hooters and Joel Manby of Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation. They'll talk about how their experiences on the show have given them a better understanding of the challenges within the organization. Cool stuff.

Register for the SHRM Atlanta Chapter meeting.

How Does Personality Help or Hurt Leaders Facing Daunting Challenges?

April 25

Mark Scullard, co-author of The 8 Dimensions of Leadership, will discuss with the ASTD Atlanta NE SIG his DisC model research and what part personality plays in helping leaders meet the challenges of leading in a global economy.

Register for the ASTD Atlanta Northeast SIG.

What does mobile learning mean to you?

April 28

And here's the other hot topic -- mobile learning. This Technology Association of Georgia Workplace Learning Society meeting promises to demonstrate a wide variety of mLearning examples and give ideas that we all can implement in our own learning strategies. Presenters are from ElementK, Merlin Mobility, and Silly Monkey. I'm really excited about this one.

Register for TAG Workplace Learning.

Be sure to start prepping your calendars for May; there are some great events coming on topics such as Predictive Evaluation (ISPI Atlanta), Building a Culture of Accountability (ASTD Atlanta Organizational Development), and Best Practices for eLearning Simulations (ASTD Atlanta Technology-Based Learning).

What They Didn't Teach You in School

TAG's Young Professionals society met Wednesday, April 13th at The Ivy in Buckhead to discuss the do's and don't of professional networking.

A host of TAG board members led a panel discussion centered on networking etiquette at 'Bizology 101: What They Didn't Teach You in School' to a packed crowd of about 50, well, young professionals.

"Networking doesn't have to be a high-stress environment," said Josh Lewis, TAG's Young Professionals Staff Liason and co-organizer of the event. "It doesn't have to be a scary thing. It's a beneficial thing."

The advice amounted to a hodge podge of personal experiences and general advice. Many of the speakers agree with, reiterated, or added to their fellow presenters recommendations.

The underlying theme reiterated the importance of networking. Every panelest had a business success story derived from a networking experience.

"If it wasn't for networking the vast majority of the important people in my life I wouldn't have met," said Marcus Bearden, VP of Technology at Caceron and panelest at the event. By his own account he met his two biggest clients, his best friend, and his current roommate through professional networking.

At the event, judging by a show of hands, the majority of the young professionals in attendance made a contact that night they planned to follow-up on (myself included).

On the Panel:
  • Sarah DeVries - moderator
    Account Manager, Blinq Media
  • Bowden Brown
    Technical Product Manager, Wolters Kluwer
  • Adam Fisher
    Senior Account Executive, Canvas Systems
  • Marcus Bearden
    VP of Technology, Carceron
  • Meg Lyon
    Account Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company

The Does and Don'ts:
  • Why is networking important? How do you begin?
    - Everyone on the panel had landed a job or gained clients from networking.
    - Don't be scared to break the ice. EVERYONE is there to network, not just you.
    - Don't be scared to interrupt a circle. It shows you can be direct and get things done.

  • What is proper networking etiquette? How long should I talk to someone?
    - DON'T SELL YOURSELF! It looks desperate.
    - Have a short 'elevator pitch' about who you are and what you do.
    - Build rapport. Make it personal. It's not all about work.
    - Ask 3 questions: 1) Where do you work? 2) What do you do? 3) How can I help?
    - At national events consider asking question 4: Where are you from?

  • Should I eat and/or drink while networking?
    - One or the other, not both.
    - Have common sense. Do what your Mom taught you.

  • What are some of the best tactics to remember names?
    - Ask twice.
    - Repeat immediately.
    - Only go to networking events with name tags.
    - Make notes on back of their business card.

  • What's the best way to follow-up after the event?
    - If you make a really good contact the follow-up begins during the conversation.
    - Take a tiered approach depending on how important the contact is: call = highest priority, LinkedIn = lowest, e-mail = somewhere in the middle.
    - Set expectations and be consistent.
    - Build the relationship over a series of meetings and events.
    - Be prompt.

  • What are the biggest does and don'ts of networking?
    - DON'T SELL YOURSELF! "Don't be that guy."
    - Be genuine. "Don't promise the moon if you can't deliver."
    - Be consistent. Follow through.
The Technology Association of Georgia's Young Professionals meet the second Wednesday of each month. Their next event is a networking mixer and Braves game (no panel discussion this time) on March 11, 2011 at Turner Field.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Technology Sector to Lead Georgia's Economic Recovery: Technology in Georgia Report

On Thursday April 7 the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) convened a panel discussion on the results of the 2011 State of the Industry: Technology in Georgia Report on the campus of Georgia Tech. Regrettably I was unable to attend.

Each year TAG commissions the report to assess the perception and economic impact of the technology sector in Georgia and benchmark against other states similarly strong in technology.

“We know that Georgia has a very large technology footprint, but it does not usually receive the recognition it deserves – especially when it comes to cluster where we lead the nation,” said TAG President Tino Mantella.

In post-panel interviews, panelists Mantella and Keith Herndon, President of Internet Decisions, separately agreed on the most important key finding from the report: the technology sector will lead in Georgia’s economic recovery.

“Every year, we survey top decision makers in the technology industry to determine their plans for expansion and hiring in the next year,” Mantella said. “ Of the 120 respondents to our 2010 survey, 70-percent said they have plans to increase their workforce during 2011.”

“We can really improve the standard of living in the state,” said Herndon. “Technology jobs on average pay almost twice the typical job” and account for a roughly 10 percent of employment in the state.

Herndon’s Internet Decisions completed the secondary research and analysis for the State of the Industry Report.

The report cited the critical need for companies to have access to a quality labor market with 82 percent of Georgia technology companies expected to see growth in the next five years. Even now some companies are having difficulty filling pivotal positions.

“One thing that’s important is the impact that Georgia’s research industry has in the state,” said Herndon, citing the many research universities located in the state. “If you have that kind of research and development going on it attracts entrepreneurs.”

Georgia is also known as a hotspot for entrepreneurial activity by Mantella’s account. The state averages 200 more business start-ups per month than the national average. All of the start-ups aren’t technology based, but Mantella point’s to the Obama Administration’s choice of Atlanta to host a ‘Startup America Roundtable’ event as proof of a strong community of technology entrepreneurs.

A detailed breakdown of key-findings - along with interactive maps and the complete State of the Industry Report - is available on the SOIR website.

Key findings

  1. Georgia’s technology sector will lead the state’s economic recovery.
  2. Georgia needs more venture capital.
  3. Corporate investment in Georgia’s technology sector is healthy.
  4. Georgia’s technology company growth outpaces the nation.
  5. Georgia’s research universities are key to the state’s technology status.
  6. Five out of the top ten export categories in Georgia are technology-related.
  7. Atlanta’s impressive broadband footprint is a key business attractor.
  8. Availability of quality labor is crucial to technology decision makers.
  9. Technology jobs lead Georgia’s labor market.
  10. Technology decision makers say there is room for improvement in Georgia’s business climate.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 Atlanta Learning-Industry Events You Shouldn't Miss - March 2011

Wow, ASTD Atlanta is active this month; I had a hard time picking the 'not to miss' events from their full calendar. Check their site to see other events that you may also be interested in,

But pick I did. And here are the five Atlanta-area events for learning professionals you shouldn't miss this month (or at least should strongly consider). Hope to see you there.

SOAR: A Mentoring Process

March 8

The ASTD Atlanta Organizational Development SIG hosts Karen Stewart and Chris Anderson of Molnlycke Healthcare. They're discussing the employee engagement initiative they recently implemented on a small budget that provides structured mentoring and an increase in job satisfaction for employees.

Register for the Organizational Development SIG.

Key Design Considerations for eLearning

March 15

ASTD Atlanta's Technology-Based Learning SIG will explore eLearning design considerations through discussion of best practices and lessons learned and view examples from the field. I'm actually leading this one and we'll touch on a variety of considerations from instructional design to technology to project processes.

Register for the Technology-Based Learning SIG.

Manager Engagement and Informal Learning Measurement

March 16

Learning measurement has plagued our industry for quite a while. Yet it's a riddle that we have to solve to prove ROI, impact, etc. And no learning initiative is going to stick without manager engagement. John Mattox of Knowledge Advisors will discuss this and share their proven method at this month's ISPI Atlanta chapter meeting.

Go to the ISPI Atlanta website for details.

Dilbert versus Godzilla - How to prepare yourself to deal with monsters in the workplace

March 22

All we know about STC Atlanta's chapter meeting is the title. But maybe that's enough.

Go to the STC Atlanta website for hopefully more details.

Best Practices to Align Training with Strategic Goals

March 28

ASTD Atlanta's Corporate Training SIG will feature a panel sharing best practices for aligning training with strategic company objectives. This should be a driving factor for training as a whole really; I'm sure some good points will be made.

Register for the Corporate Training SIG.

The Atlanta Falcons - Career Development and Succession Planning

March 29

OK. This is a sixth event for the month, but how can we leave out the ASTD Atlanta Career Development SIG's cool topic? HR Director Karen Walters will discuss career development and succession planning strategies employed by the Atlanta Falcons and the Arthur M. Blank Family of Businesses that align with business goals and company values. With the strides the Falcons have made lately, I'm sure we all would love to hear some of their inner workings.

Be sure to start prepping your calendars for April. There will be more great events coming.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

5 Atlanta Learning-Industry Events You Shouldn't Miss - February 2011

The Atlanta area professional associations are really ramping up their schedules now. As usual, there are some great events for learning professionals this month. Here are five events for the learning industry you shouldn't miss (or at least should strongly consider). If you know of others, please post them in the Comments! Hope to see you there.

SharePoint as a Content Management System

February 15, 2011

First, I'm thrilled that STC Atlanta has pre-published their chapter meetings for the upcoming year. In the past, it's sometimes been hard to plan for a meeting.

The speaker hasn't been publically announced yet, but using SharePoint as a Content Management System (CMS) is very practical; I'm sure good tips will be shared.

Check the STC Atlanta website for information.

New, Sustainable Approaches for Sales Training - Four Key Components That Make Sales Training Stick

February 17, 2011

ASTD Atlanta's new Sales Performance Improvement SIG is already one of my favorite groups; attendees have great experience and energy. For this session, Tim Sullivan, a Director at Sales Performance International, will discuss why traditional paradigms for training don’t work for sales professionals and how, instead, you can take advantage of a breakthrough approach for training sales people.

Register for ASTD Atlanta Sales Performance Improvement.

Turner's Integrated Talent Management Strategy: Tactics to Build Future Leaders

February 22, 2011

This should be an excellent ASTD Atlanta chapter meeting. Alexis Balkum and Steve Waechter from Turner Broadcasting System will describe how Turner addressed key talent challenges and created operational excellence by implementing CornerStone onDemand, an integrated talent management system and one of, if not the, top players in that market. I saw Alexis speak as part of an ISPI Atlanta panel last month; she's very open and honest and shares real-world experiences.

Prior to the meeting, ASTD Atlanta is also offering a Career Coaching / Resume Review session AND New Member Orientation. Check the website for details.

Register for the ASTD Atlanta chapter meeting.

Adapting 20th Century Training Models for the Future: Technology's Impact?

February 24, 2011

The Technology Association of Georgia's Workplace Learning Society (TAG WLS) will debate Adapting 20th Century Training Models for the Future: What impact will technology have on the "Sacred Cows" of the training / education industry? Further details haven't been announced yet, but TAG WLS is typically a great forum and one of my favorite groups.

Register for the TAG Workplace Learning Society.

PowerPoint Power: Simple Ways to Ignite Your Presentations

February 28, 2011

The ASTD Atlanta Northeast Atlanta / Athens GIG will feature Michael Schwartz, president of Business Power, an Atlanta-based presentation design firm. There's been a great deal of focus in our industry over the past few years on improving presentation design. Michael will share tips such as using basic design elements to add sophistication to your presentations, building presentations that are memorable, and finding free or low-cost visuals that elevate the quality of your presentations.

Register for the ASTD Atlanta NE Atlanta / Athens GIG.

Be sure to start prepping your calendars for March. There will be more great events, including the ASTD Atlanta Technology-Based Learning SIG (ASTD TBL) and ISPI Atlanta.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

5 Atlanta Learning-Industry Events You Shouldn't Miss - January 2011

Many people I've talked with recently list networking and their own professional development as being two of their new year's resolutions. There is no better time to start than January. And, as usual, there are some great events for learning professionals in the Atlanta area this month. Here are five events for the learning industry you shouldn't miss (or at least should strongly consider). Hope to see you there.

January 14, Emotional Intelligence Across Generations

Brent Darnell and Mary Marvin Walter will inform the Southeast Association of Facilitators (SEAF) on how to use emotional intelligence and an understanding of generational differences to enhance your effectiveness as a facilitator. They'll share tactics which will help you recognize and respond to differences among your classroom participants.

Register for the SEAF chapter meeting.

January 18, Preview of the Technology Association of Georgia's 2011 State of the Technology Industry Report

OK, this one is technically not a learning-industry event, but to be effective in our roles, we need to have a good understanding of the environment we're working in. TAG provides a great deep dive into the state's technology industry each year. The full report won't be available until the Georgia Technology Summit in March, but you can get a good preview at this TAG Consulting Society meeting.

Register for TAG Consulting.

January 19, Implementing Instructional Technologies in Your Organization

An ISPI Atlanta panel will discuss implementing technical systems for training, including insights on the selection process, implementation approaches, achieving adoption, and other lessons learned from their own experiences. Panelists include Alexis Balkum of Turner Broadcasting System, Rick Darby of Rollins/Orkin, and Erick Allen of Level4 Performance.  This should be a really informative event.

Register for the ISPI Atlanta chapter meeting.

January 25, ASTD Atlanta 'State of the Chapter' Webinar

Anyone interested in the chapter is invited to this free webinar; chapter leaders will review ASTD Atlanta's 2010 activities and discuss plans for 2011. This will be an easy way to learn how you can get more involved and grow professionally in the year ahead. Separate webinars with tailored information are offered on the 26th for sponsors and 27th for corporate learning leaders.

Register for the ASTD Atlanta chapter webinar.

January 25, Blogging, a New Year's Resolution

Erik Wolf of Zero Creative will outline simple strategies for getting into good blogging habits and integrating this effective marketing strategy into your weekly routine. This is the ASTD Atlanta Independents SIG, but I'm sure that many of us would benefit.

Register for the ASTD Atlanta INC SIG.